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Avoiding Land Mines [14 Dec 2005|11:06am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

What's the worst, most unpleasant tea you ever tasted?


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not even quite an amateur [23 Nov 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Okay, i belong to a couple of urban photography communities that have inspired me to at least TRY to take decent pictures for fun. Unfortunately, i feel weird about posting any of the following on those boards because they're not exactly urban, are they?
But this is lake hefner, and it's IN OKC (not out in the country somewhere). But, i don't want to chance it and make anybody upset on that board. anyway, so look through and give me some feedback and pointers or just plain comment on the scenery if you like it.

That's devon's shadow!  i know this one is pretty dull, but i promise the ones under the cut are better

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C'mon--admit it! [10 Nov 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

A Potentially Embarassing Questionnaire

In your adolescent and/or adult life...

1. Have you ever sang a song all the while pretending you were trying out for American idol?

2. Have you ever pretended you were accepting some official award (Grammy, Oscar, etc.)?

3. While all alone, have you ever still tried to act and be "cool" or "normal" when doing things as
though someone really was watching you?

4. Though no one was actually with you, have you ever pretended to have a conversation about something
and actually conduct your side of the conversation out loud?

5. Have you ever talked to yourself in the mirror?

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halloweenish-dream [29 Oct 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

this is the closest i could find

This is close to the image of a little girl's face i saw in my dream a couple nights ago. The major differences are that in my dream you couldn't see any distinctive features. All you could see where two eyes and an outline/contour of hair. And the color was bizarre--very opal-ish. Glowing too.

Carla and i started to see her. She would just sort of "fade in" whenever we stared into the darkest places of a room. And we were totally freaked out at first. But somehow, someway, i started talking to her, and she was nice. We even considered her a friend. She almost never spoke or maybe never at all, i can't remember. And she always had the ultra-eery blank stare. But she was responsive. She'd answer yes or no questions pretty easily with slow nods and shakes. But even though she never stopped looking creepy, scary, horrifying, etc.--like i said, she was actually pleasant to us. it really did seem like she made it a point to visit us regularly.

i remember we would even ask her "have you seen this?" or "have you ever been to such and such?" and we would actually take her places. i know--how do you "take" a ghost somewhere? well, i just remember we'd kinda tell her where it was generally, we'd hop in our car, drive there, find a dark place, stare into it, and she'd fairly quickly "fade in." One of the places we took her, i even remember it being in Phoenix. It's not a real, actual place. Just in my dream, it was Phoenix.

The only other thing i remember is that Carla wanted me to ask her about being a ghost--like just where was it that she existed and what was it like? Well, i asked her something along the lines of: "so when you're not here with us, where are you? is it a bad place?" She wouldn't answer. No response at all. She just blankly stared at me. And i kinda gathered from the look that she was saying, "never speak of that again."

creepy but intriguing.

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one that might upset carla a little bit [26 Oct 2005|10:06am]
[ mood | rushed ]

There is this hot girl in my Botany class. She was in my dream. Me and some girl (that's sad i can't even remember who she was) were going on a double date with that hot girl and Pierce Brosnan. It was really amusing because Pierce Brosnan was severely putting the smooth moves/talk on this hot girl (her name is Jennifer), but she just wasn't having it! She just read it as insincere and it was making her just plain angry. So he lasted all of 10 minutes sitting at this booth with all of us before she went off on him and he left.

As he was walking away i was kinda trying to explain him to her. i remember telling her that he had a job that forced him to associate with a lot of crazy people. she was like, "Really?" and i remember saying, "Oh yeah, he has to hang out with lots of big rollers" *makes a money gesture with hand* "but most of them are nutty and it could make you a little nutty if you had to do it." Just about that time, here comes Pierce zooming by us in one of those gorgeous, British, made-with-tons-of-spy-gadgets cars. But she was a little more understanding by that point. So with Pierce out of the picture, i was desperately trying to keep the conversation going between her and i. sadly, i dont' remember even turning my head to glance at the girl sitting next to me who was my date.

well, no super connection developed, but Jennifer and this other girl were getting up to go "such and such" (honestly don't remember) and i was going to come along. On the way, i saw this girl i went to high school with named Tammy. i was just stopping and giving the cordial "hi--what've you been up to since MHS", etc. speech. And she starts in how she always totally adored me and thought about me and names like VERY specific things that are creepy (i recall she mentioned by name the photo studio that took the first school photo that had both of us in it). i remember feeling weird and trying to like downplay everything she was saying. Then she starts totally throwing herself all over me. And right then (you're gonna love this) even though i was just on a double date, and even though i was still following Jennifer around, i start telling Tammy about how i'm happily married and have a son and by throwing herself at me she's not considering their sakes at all!

So if you took away that Jennifer part of the dream, i look like a real stand up guy. But including the Jennifer part, i was a total deadbeat scum. But c'mon, the Pierce Brosnan part is a little bit funny.

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not hilarious, but worth a smile [26 Oct 2005|12:07am]
[ mood | anxious ]

okay, so it's a LITTLE irreverent, but i wouldn't say sacreligious

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DO I WANT TO GO TO SCOTLAND? [18 Oct 2005|10:36am]
[ mood | torn ]

This is John and Irene Renwick
John & Irene

We had dinner with them last night. They're missionaries in Stirling Scotland. They're incredibly nice. We're considering joining them in mission work in Scotland.

Stirling is where the Renwick's (pronounced "Ren-ick" for us non-Scots) are doing mission work. So we'd probably end up here.
Broad Street, Stirling

King Street in Stirling--this is the biggest pic i could find despite coincidentally also being the oldest

But the Renwicks are considering moving to Edinburgh (pronounced EdinburrOH for us non-Scots) since there's currently no preacher there. So it's possible we might end up here with them.
great view of Edinburgh

Victoria Street in EdinburghCanon Gate Toll Both in EdinburghMcEwan Hall at Edinburgh University--this is where i may end up doing study abroad work

To me, that's just not a fair question. OF COURSE i want to go to Scotland. The REAL question is, do i want to do MISSION WORK in Scotland and thus, try to convince X number of congregations/individuals to support us while doing it. Do i want to feel the constant pressure of "am i wasting the church's money?" "did i really do my job to everyone's satisfaction today?" "am i doing enough?" "do people think i'm not spending time doing the things i should be doing?" "are the congregations sending me checks happy enough with what i'm doing?"

i frankly don't want to care what some congregation thinks anymore. i know i don't want to feel like i'm dependent on their satisfaction for my livelihood. Frankly, i know i'm not an effective "door-knocker." i know i'm not terribly effective in initiating evangelistic conversations with total strangers. do i really want to do american-style youth ministry again? camps? retreats? i'm not particularly thrilled by it, no. Sounds like a whole lot of "performing" and "song-and-dancing" like what i experienced sometimes here in the states. and i'm determined not to "sell" myself to anyone anymore. i have no intention of trying to fool some congregation or some potential co-worker into believing that i have a bunch of skills and talents that i frankly don't have or don't have much of. Trying to "impress" some eldership felt ultra fake and just plain un-Christ-like to me.

Then there's lots of hard practical questions. Do we take a survey trip first? if so--how do we pay for that? how do we take off from jobs and school to do it? Even if we don't take a survey trip, how do we go to congregations and raise support while we both have school and jobs? Where do we put our stuff if we go? Do we just sell it all? Store it all? What do we do when we come back? How do we re-start our lives in the states--how will we pay for another house and all that? what about us? maybe we still need to do too much work on our family to be trying to do something like this.

On the other hand, it'd be a finite commitment. i'm thinking 2-3 years. There would be an end in sight. And if it's good for Christ's cause, then i'm willing to do it. If it'll truly be good for my family, then i'm willing. But i'm not willing to give up my studies. i'd still need to go to school over there. i'd feel a lot better if a lot of the logistical/practical questions above were answered and there was a pretty measurable plan. at this point, i'm very unsure and even hesitant. but i'm definitely willing to keep praying about it and investigating. i just hope we don't make any fatal errors in judgment.

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funny [14 Oct 2005|03:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i promise it's worth at least one run-through, really.


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clever [12 Oct 2005|10:49am]
[ mood | busy ]

an interesting quip against Calvinism

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feedback [10 Oct 2005|10:08am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Will you guys click below, check out "happy thing in d" and let me know what you thinK?


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quiz [07 Oct 2005|12:14am]
probably nobody but me is interested in this quiz, and i'm wasn't even all that interested in it.


Your results for Christian Traditions Selector

Percent Rank Item
(100%) 1: Church of Christ/Campbellite
(67%) 2: Methodist/Wesleyan/Nazarene
(61%) 3: Congregational/United Church of Christ
(59%) 4: Baptist (Reformed/Particular/Calvinistic)
(59%) 5: Lutheran
(51%) 6: Anglican/Episcopal/Church of England
(49%) 7: Anabaptist (Mennonite/Quaker etc.)
(47%) 8: Presbyterian/Reformed
(46%) 9: Baptist (non-Calvinistic)/Plymouth Brethren/Fundamentalist
(46%) 10: Pentecostal/Charismatic/Assemblies of God
(44%) 11: Eastern Orthodox
(36%) 12: Roman Catholic
(28%) 13: Seventh-Day Adventist
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so you THINK your can parallel park? [02 Oct 2005|12:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]

you guys have got to try this--it's HARD. and it's embarassing because it's so hard:


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thanks a lot britanny, caitlin, loni, and diana! [02 Oct 2005|12:38pm]
[ mood | sick ]

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
reborn1995 goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Ichabod Crain.
bodiggins gives you 2 light blue lime-flavoured jawbreakers.
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lifeisnoimprov tricks you! You get a block of wood.
pinkynzippy tricks you! You lose 10 pieces of candy!
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raisingdevon gives you 12 milky white coffee-flavoured nuggets.
steal_your_soul tricks you! You lose 15 pieces of candy!
zelmar01 gives you 8 mauve watermelon-flavoured wafers.
reborn1995 ends up with 23 pieces of candy, and a block of wood.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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kinda funny dream [28 Sep 2005|12:43pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

well last night i spent most of the time running from Freddy (of Nightmare on Elm Street fame). Except it was only his face on the body of what i would describe as an albino version of the Incredible Hulk. i remember the chase scenes were almost fun--i mean i was scared, but was doing some pretty "daring" stuff just to get away. i remember running through a lot of different fast food places. and in one, i was even leaping across the tops of buffet islands and trying to lay down on the top of them to hide. there were definitely other people running away from him with me, but i don't remember who they were.

also i remember that every time i would get a significant distance away from him, he'd still find me somehow. one time i was sitting in a car, and i looked in my side mirror, and a garbage truck pulled up across the street, and he was riding on the back of it!

anyway, i finally thought i had lost him down this tight alley space behind people's backyards. it was weird--it even had a random concrete picnic bench area (with ULTRA overgrown grass and weeds) branching off from it. anyway, he still found me and i was totally trapped. then he started talking to me, and it was nearly a cordial conversation--like he was telling me his troubles and i was sympathizing. so then i asked him, if he really just wanted a listening ear, why was he chasing me and all that? and he said something like he felt he couldn't get attention any other way.

AND THEN, i said, well if you'd just approach me THIS way instead of chasing me, you could come around just about as much as you want. And then all the sudden, his face looked just like Nick Nolty (sp?) and he was like "Really?!" and then we hugged in a dramatic, movie-moment fashion. And he left.

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"earthy" [24 Sep 2005|02:21pm]
[ mood | sick ]

You were right--we didn't need any supplied; we just brought our own atmosphere. Japan is always lovely, especially when it's a LESS-than-30-minute drive. Was it the hot tea? Was it the miso? i don't know, but i'm glad i got to hear you laugh so much no matter what really caused it (because it couldn't possibly have been my jokes). And i don't care about dirty batteries! i just can't wait to share the next dish of green earthy goodness *with you.*

P.S. vote for pedro

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weird experiences [07 Sep 2005|10:16am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i'm curious to know about anyone's weirdest/unexplained experiences. i really haven't had any all that weird or unexplained.

when i was in 7th or 8th grade, i had a friend named Randy. he and i played guitar together quite a bit. and one night he and i were in my room. we had just put down our equipment after playing a long time. and i had a tv in my room. i started to reach for it to turn it on, but before my finger got even barely near the actual button, the tv started flickering on and off. i'd say it kept flickering on and off for nearly a minute. i don't feel this was all that "unexplained" though--i had a super ghetto guitar amplifier at the time. and when i held my guitar, i could feel a constant, steady, very, very low intensity shock in my fingers. and if i moved my fingers off the guitar really suddenly, i'd get a quick little pop shock--kinda like when you shock someone from rubbing your feet on the carpet. i'm pretty sure all that charge i me must've made my tv react. still, watching it happen was pretty weird.

other than that, i do have one recurring weird/unexplained experience. it's not deja vu, but it's like it. deja vu, as i understand it, is when you feel like you've been somewhere/done something before. but this feeling i get is very specifically that i've *dreamed* this event/activity/moment before. i'd say it happens to me with some degree of regularity. probably once every month, i'll just stop in the middle of doing something/seeing something/hearing something, and i'll get a flash in my head of extremely vague, hazy images that i'm almost positive are dreams i've had relatively recently. that's part of why i like to write down these dreams. maybe one time i really will have the documented dream to show as proof. but it hasn't happened yet, and for as many dreams as i do post on LJ, i'm really not as vigorous about it as i could be.

have you had any weird/unexplained experiences? tell me!! i love that kinda thing.

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s'been a while [01 Sep 2005|10:30am]
[ mood | weird ]

a dream i had last night:

well, i'll start in the middle of it since that's the best i can remember. my mom and i were watching a creepy psychological thriller/suspense movie at her house. and she claims that i fell asleep during part of it and actually said thing in my sleep that were parts of the movie that hadn't happened yet. the movie had something to do with some guy being blackmailed/sued/framed by this psycho lady who he originally thought just had a crush on him. it was very 70's looking. but the part she said i talked about in my sleep was that the guy claimed he had a cassette recording of this woman telling the truth about who really owned some farm--and in my sleep i was actually reciting lines from that cassette tape.

well, i didn't believe my mom when she said that, but what more struck me was that i was hungry. and just about that time my nephews came in with the weirdest pizza. it had cheese and crust like normal, and mushrooms too, but it had funions on it. and also, there was no tomato sauce, but this really light butter/cinnamon/brown sugar stuff inbetween the cheese and the crust. my nephews couldn't eat it fast enough. they gave me one piece when i asked for it (because it had nearly been picked clean in all of 45 seconds). well as weird and gross as the pizza sounded, i still ate it and i even thought it was so good.

as soon as i took like my third bite, all the sudden my mom and my dad and myself were walking through this old house that had been turned into a museum. but it hadn't been "turned" into a museum so much as it had simply been left completely alone since the previous inhabitant died. it looked like nothing at all had been touched or disturbed since, say, 1975. dad and i noticed how mounted on the wall were several of the same tea cups that my mom has (that she really has in real life too!). and then we walked up a very, very narrow flight of stairs directly into a bedroom and we were looking at everything in it. (Remember, it was an actual museum even if it was a boring sucky one.) i was just standing there in this room looking around eating my slice of weird pizza while my mom and dad were actually checking out everything in the bedroom. It was a woman's bedroom. again, it very much looked circa 1975. well, now that i think about it, maybe more of the turn between '79-'80. she had reels of film just stacked in a make shift linen closet off to the side of her bed. and the CREEPIEST thing was that the radio was playing and either there was a sign, or the curator actually told us that the radio had been left on ever since she had died. it even seems to be playing music from the late 70's. while we were standing in there, i remember like having "flash" sorts of visions. like a sort of "blinking" image of what was behind the closet door came to my mind (even though it was just clothes and stuff). same thing when i heard the radio--i got a "blinking" image of her getting ready for work one morning and singing along to the song that was playing.

but right about then my cell phone rang and woke me up--carla called me from work. so who knows how that one would've turned out.

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Having proper reverence for Taco Bell [29 Aug 2005|09:43am]
[ mood | sleepy ]


i ordered two chili cheese burritos.  this damage was only caused by the first one.  i learned my lesson and waited til i got home to eat the second one.  but i did lick the chili off my shirt as best i could while i was driving. The REAL problem is that Taco Bell stuffs the entire contents of the burrito into about the bottom third of the tortillia.

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A LotR inspired list [24 Aug 2005|11:36am]
[ mood | good ]



I wonder if they have a college there I could go to or eventually teach at


if Carla wouldn’t come here with me, I suppose I could force myself to suffer through having to spend the moment with Liv Tyler


which way to the honeymoon suite?  I wish I had a pic of the view from one of the tower windows looking out onto the snowy grounds

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in reply to Kris's comment [24 Aug 2005|10:52am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

1. i felt that the volcanoes were a lot more interesting than the earthquakes. although both involve tectonic plates. and i had to watch some really cool videos about historical earthquakes like in San Francisco and Anchorage.

2. There was only a couple times when the 75% thing really backfired on me. but i can't decide if it was because the class required more than 75% or that i was so disinterested that i actually gave less than 75%. The two classes i remember distinctly was 9th grade Civics class and 11th grade Government. using my "just lazily shuffling along" method, i just barely scraped together a B in both classes.

3. i went to Botany for the first time last night and it's not nearly as bad as i expected. in fact, it honestly looks like there's not really much out of class work to be done. the whole grade rests on four tests. And my professor is funny. He's this very short, very small Spanish guy (i'm pretty sure Spanish and not Mexican). Very, very thick accent, but he speaks English pretty well. And he is...well..for lack of a better term he's kinda *sassy.* That's how i'd try to describe what kind of funny he is. And he gives notes in the same way that i actually think about notes--lists and outlines. But i'm still not jazzed at all about lab projects/experiments. But if it's just plants, how hard can it be?

4. And notice, Jesus was SINGLE too. He was homeless. He was single. He basically depended on the kindness of strangers (though he was skilled in a trade). During His earthly ministry, it appears that He actually frightened away more followers than He kept. Just think, then, if you put all these descriptions onto a resume but left the name off and tried your best not to give away who it really was, how many churches today do you think would want to hire Him? If the answer is almost none, maybe that ought to alarm and alert us to something being wrong.

5. i actually found all three GoldenAxe's online and had them DL'ed on our old computer. Devon and i played them a bunch. Some kid in Norman is fixing our old comp right now though. i always wanted to be the little Dward guy with the axe. Except in the 3rd GoldenAxe, you can't be him anymore. That sucked. But it was a really awesome game. it's one of the fewer games that i could just play over and over again and it was still entertaining each time.

6. Devon turned FOUR today! i can't believe it. i have a FOUR year old son. It honestly sounds in my head like i can't possibly be that old or have been married/a father for that long.

7. Thus far, you're the only one to mention the lists. but i'm guessing that is moreso because no one is willing to read my butt-long post. But i think i'll go ahead and do a list anyway. i just wish that people would interact with the lists. Ya know, "yes, i think this is really cool." "No, i'm not that crazy about this." "Ya know what i'd like to see a picture of on the next really cool list..."

8. There are actually several Starbucks in the OKC area. i can think of three or four right off the top of my head, and i'm sure there's more i don't know about. Not nearly as many as Phoenix. But definitely there's enough around. There's even one inside the Albertson's grocery store in Norman that Carla and i went to the other night!

i wouldn't dare want to feel guilty of stealing you away from friends and family, but you know darn well you'd be 110% welcome to come hang out with us as much as you like. i know we'll be here for at least the next 3 years. And it might possibly be four if Carla takes a little longer doing nursing school. In that event, i told her i'd decide to double major. We really don't know what it'll be like when she has to start going to nursing school full time. but we're committed to crossing that bridge when we get to it.

But yeah, you've seen our town. Plenty of cheap places to live here. And a surprising amount of things to do for what most non-OK natives consider to be a "hick-town." A strong art community you could get involved in. Carla and i were just thinking the other day how we totally forgot to take you to Paseo--it's the arts district in OKC. just a whole block of galleries and trendy/beat-nic sort of stuff. (While you're there, you just have to be sure not to broadcast too loudly that you're straight and a Christian.)

And also, plenty of ultra cheap places to go to college in OKC. OU is one of (if not the) cheapest tuitioned major universities in the country. And besides, if you're poor (say, raking in $1600 gross or less a month), you'll get so many grants from your FAFSA that you could go for free. This semester, i honestly could've paid my full tuition just through grants, but i decided to accept the stafford loans as well just to have the extra money to pay off my account left over from summer. But hey, OU's not the only school in town either.

But regardless of all that, i do hope you'll come see us again in the next couple of years. Devon still talks about you all the time.

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